How to update Google Chrome on Windows, Android, and iOS

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Google Chrome is one of the best browsers out there. But, it does take a lot of RAM and fixes usually come with updates. But sometimes, we forget to update, or we are forced to update our browser while we are working. Sometimes, we want to take advantage of new features as soon as possible. To save yourself from a complex situation like that, we have compiled a guide for you.
Here is how you can update Google Chrome on all these platforms:

1. Windows:

In Windows, you can either manually update your Chrome browser, or you can let your browser automatically take care of the updates. The choice is yours. But if you want new features as soon as possible, here is how to update Chrome on Windows:
  1. Open Chrome browser and find three dots menu on the upper right corner under the cross 'x' button
  2. Click three dots menu and navigate to the bottom and find "Help."
  3. Click Help > About Chrome
  4. Check for Chrome updates and wait for the update to download
If your Chrome browser needs to be updated, it will download new files and ask you to relaunch the browser; otherwise, it will show the updated version.

2. Android:

In Android, app updates are delivered through Google Play Store. If you have enabled automatic updates, chances are that your apps are already updated, but if not, you can open Google Play Store and search for Google Chrome. After finding the app, check if any update is available and then update it.

3. iOS:

In iOS, it's the same as Android. App updates are delivered through the App Store. You can open the App Store and check for updates. If you are using iOS 13, then check this article for how to update apps on iOS 13.

4. macOS:

For macOS, it's the same process as in Windows. You can open the Chrome browser, find three dots menu, and navigate to help and check version. Update your browser and relaunch.

That's how you can update your Google Chrome browser.