How to get more storage on your iPhone

Get more storage on iPhone with this guide
Photo by Maulik Sutariya on Unsplash

1- Clean 'Recently Deleted' Folder

iPhone keeps your photo once you delete them. It is because you don't have to worry if you deleted the wrong photo while you were drunk or in a hurry. It takes storage and you won't even know it. To clean your 'Recently Deleted' folder, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Photos app and navigate to the bottom
  2. Find 'Recently Deleted' folder under 'Screen Recordings' and open it
  3. Delete unwanted photos or all of them at once
  4. You will get more free space

2- Use iCloud as Backup

Using iCloud for your data will increase your storage on the iPhone. Upload your documents, photos or anything on iCloud and free your storage. iCloud gives you 5GB free with an Apple account. You can always buy more storage.

3- Use Google Photos backup

If you don't want to buy iCloud for your photos backup and want a free tool to do it for you, Google Photos is your partner in crime. Choose Google Photos and get unlimited free storage option with optimized video and audio quality of backed up photos.

4- WhatsApp Junk

Clear your WhatsApp junk, memes, and other useless files to free storage on your iPhone.

5- Uninstall or Offload Apps

If you're not using apps, you shouldn't have them. Remove them to get more storage on your iPhone. Get rid of them. Make sure you have storage for the right apps.

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