LG announced LG G5 at MWC Barcelona: completely redesigned and with some great hardware and software features

LG announced it's new flagship smartphone, the LG G5 at MWC 2016:

Image source: Tech Radar

After a month of rumours and leaks about LG G5, LG finally announced it's latest flagship smartphone. G5 is completely redesigned and LG is calling it a "Dramatically redesigned" product. LG G5 featuring a 5.3" Quad HD IPS Display with more pixels per inch than Nexus 6P and LG's former flagship G4 and always ON display mode. The smartphone is powered by powerful Snapdragon 820 processor and has 4GB RAM. It also has an always "ON" Display which means that display will remain always ON and it will consume 0.8% of battery in an hour. The smartphone also has a couple of unique features like a Dual camera setup. There are 2 rear cameras on the back. One camera is of 16MP resolution and the other one is capable of capturing 8MP images. These duo cameras allow LG G5 users to take wide angle rear images up to 135 degrees, which is wider than human eye's vision too. It also has a laser autofocus technology as we have seen in other LG smartphones and a dual tone flash. The smartphone is expected to launch at the price of US $700 which is nearly PKR 73,000/- (Price is not confirmed by LG)

"The smartphone will be available in Gold, Silver,Black/Grey and a Pink color."
It also has a removable micro SD slot,32GB internal memory and Fingerprint scanner which is placed exactly where Huawei placed Nexus imprint in Google Nexus 6P. The phone also have a 2800mAh removable battery in a way which makes LG G5 a modular smartphone. The battery is removable from the bottom as leaked and also it has removable accessories including a camera module which enables to handle G5 as a DSLR and it also has a Hi-Fi audio play accessory. Currently, it has only these accessories but LG promised to make its latest flagship more playable. The phone has USB Type C too.
There are 2 accessories currently:
Img src: The Verge
For more images of the LG's latest LG G5 visit the link below:

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At MWC Barcelona 2016, Samsung is also going to launch it's latest flagship devices, The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge today.

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