Top 5 Best Keyboard apps of 2016 for Android and iOS

Best keyboards apps of 2016:

Keyboards are an important part of any person. It doesn't matter it's a desktop keyboard,laptop or in a smartphone. Last year iPhone got support of 3rd party keyboards too. But i am going to list best Android Keyboards:
+Tech Notes

1-Google Keyboard:

Many people will think that why Google Keyboard is placed on number even there are many other keyboards that are more customizeable. Well, Google Keyboard is the most amazing keyboard i found on Google Play Store. Google Keyboard is simple and smartest keyboard with ability to sync your keyboard settings and typing data to your Google account. You will have best android keyboard experience if you are a simple design lover guy like me. Simple designs are adorable. Also Google Keyboard learns from your typing and give you the best suggestions and recommendations of words.

2- Ai-Type Keyboard:

Ai Type is one of the best android keyboards that are available with many amazing themes. You can also customize the layout, height and key size. You can also set backgrounds, colors and sounds. It's the best keyboard for people who love customize able and also for simple design lovers because they have great simple themes available.

3-Fleksy Keyboard:

Fleksy is one of the best android keyboards that gone free on Google Play Store in 2015. Fleksy is different from ordinary designed android keyboards as it has more simpler look and it's fastest keyboard to date. It has larger buttons and great themes available. It's not customize able as Ai type but it's great for Minimal design lovers.

4-Swift Keyboard:

Swift keyboard is the best keyboards of all time for android. It is the most famous keyboard but there are somethings that i hate. I don't like pop up of the keys so there is no option in Swiftkey to disable that. So that's why i prefer other keyboards on Swiftkey. Swype ,cloud sync, cloud learning are the main features of Swift Keyboard.

5-Touchpal Keyboard:

Touchpal Keyboard is also a great pick for those who want fun and customization and a hold on all of their typing. Touchpal also support themes and customize able. It also have swype to write feature which is probably available in almost every keyboard now.