PTA officially unblocked Youtube with a localized version for Pakistan: Ordered all telecom authorities and Internet service providers:

After nearly 5 Years YouTube is now available officially in Pakistan with a localized version:

Finally! after a long time of 5 years without youtube, pakistanis can officially access youtube. It all started with the story of a blasphemous movie trailer that insults islam and YouTube refused to remove that video trailer from Youtube. Since then PTA blocked YouTube access from Pakistan. Many content creators on youtube from pakistan still managed to upload content to earn from Youtube via VPN Proxy.
People was demanding removal of the controversial and blasphemous video trailer so that they can access Youtube again but it took 5 years to do that.
Youtube is now officially unblocked by PTA with an official order. It was unblocked in December 2015 mistakenly/unblocked by PTA. But know the localised version of Youtube can be accessed from Pakistan with a PK written on Youtube web's logo. 

PTA also filed a petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan to unblock YouTube. PTA also ordered all service providers to unblock YouTube as well. PTA also blocked controversial content from YouTube in collaboration with Google.
Enjoy world's best video watching platform.
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