Nokia is planning for a comeback: [Leaked images of new Nokia Smartphone]

This time the leaks looks real then last year's leaks:

Nokia is planning for a comeback in 2016 as it's 2 Phones get leaked

Another year another leak. Nokia is planning for other smartphones as its two (2) phones surfaced in another leaked image.

This leak put us in thinking about the phones.
Last time Nokia’s phone leaked was a phone’s backside but this time the phone is shown from the front side too with buttons present under the expected 3.5” Display like a feature phone. The phone is compared with a touch screen smartphone which is said to be a Nokia XL. But it has something new. Flash placement and front capacitive touch buttons are not like Nokia XL and this proves that it may be new Nokia smartphone or may be a Nokia XL2.

There was also a smartphone that was rumored to be in production which was named as Nokia C1 smartphone. It was also rumored to be powered by Android Lollipop OS and will have its own Nokia Z launcher which is available for Android devices on Google Play Store. 

The device was rumored in 2015 but there is still no development seen.
Remember that Nokia already sold its smartphone business to Microsoft and now it is only working as a network and small software company. Also Microsoft phased out the name of “Nokia” from its products and now the devices are named as “Microsoft Lumia”. There is also a chance that the feature phone shown in the leaks can be from Microsoft because Microsoft phased out “Nokia” branding from “Lumia” smartphones not from the feature phones. So that may be a Microsoft phone too. But the smartphone that was placed in the comparison is may be the other Nokia smartphone.
Hope for the best as a Nokia fan :)