Make your Chrome Faster & save battery: Get out of Laptop/PC Hanging issues:

Love Chrome but tired of hanging? There is an "Awesome" solution:

Chrome is no doubt the best browser we got on this planet if we are looking for speed and simplicity. But there is also a drawback too when you are on a low memory machine and you have to open a lot of Tabs for studying, watching tutorials, searching for games or something else.
If you have a machine with smaller RAM size chrome will definitely going to crash or hang up your PC or Laptop. There are many alternative Browsers out there but no one is faster and great like Google's Chrome. Microsoft Edge is also an example but it also take too much RAM and it is still not faster than Google Chrome.


But there is a solution for this problem. Stay with chrome and enjoy browsing on your favourite browser.
There is an extension in Google Chrome Store named One Tab. This extension allows you to put all of your running tabs which you don't need to save as a link in a single tab. This allows to manage and keep cleaner look of the browser. Whenever you want to go to the link just open the One Tab's chrome tab and select the link you want to open.
It works like a charm and it's easy to use too. You can save all those importnt links to read out later and you can also share them as a webpage.You can also set any page to not to go into the one tab's tab. You can access/explore your data via right clicking one tab extension shown in extension bar.

Just click the onetab extension button and all of your tabs opened will be in the One Tab's tab releasing a lot of memory and saving your RAM and Battery life.

Download and add OneTab extension here:

Get it Here: