Apple is planning for another iPhone with a 4 Inch Display [Rumours]

New leaked image suggests a new iPhone with a 4 inch Display:

As the iPhone launch is coming closer the iPhone leaked start rolling out with some more details. There are rumours that Apple is planning for a new 4 inch iPhone 5 style smartphone this year. In 2015 it was rumoured that a 4 inch iphone 6c coming but it didn't happened. Now there are some clear images and some videos showing a new iPhone in 2016 will come out.

Update:These changes are made in the new iPhone:

4 inch iPhone rumors are getting serious now and there are many images leaked showing that there will be new iPhone featuring a 4 inch display. As a new picture is captured aside iPhone 5 showing the same size but the external look is more like iPhone 6. The new iPhone is supposed to have a 4” display an 8MP rear shooter, touch id and Apple pay support. Recently some developers also confirmed that the new iOS code hints that there might a smaller screen size phone.

Leaked image: Left(iPhone 5) Right(New 4 inch iPhone):

iPhone 4inch is supposed to be called iPhone 6c or iPhone 5e or iPhone 5Se. The new arrival in the iPhone category will may be announced n the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 7 which is supposed to be coming with no headphone jack anymore. Yes,There are rumors that suggests that Apple is going to kill the 3.5mm headphone jack to make iPhones thinner.

Leaked iPhone 4 inch video: