10 New features in Windows 10 that will convince you to try Windows 10

This is why Windows 10 is the best ever Windows: 10 reasons to try Windows 10

A lot of people are talking about Windows 10 that Windows 10 is a success but some people might not not agree with that. Windows 10 has 200 Million users now and here is why:


Cortana is the new virtual Personal assistant like Siri. It's next generation AI(Artificial Intelligence) that allows you to talk, manage your tasks and let you remind things on the required time. It also tells you a lot about weather and navigations too. Cortana also tells you good jokes, stories and can also sing songs for you in her own voice.

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Posted by Tech Notes on Monday, 24 August 2015

2-Action Center:

Notifications are always a great deal in any operating system. Android,iOS and other OS' are great in their notifications. Windows 8 and 8.1 sucks in terms of notifications.
In Windows 10 there is a great notification manager which is named "Action Center". Action center is capable of showing almost all types of notification from any app like facebook, Twitter and other applications. Action center is a great feature from Windows 10 that will convince to move to Windows.
But if you are still not convinced read more below:

3-Start Menu is back:

The most amazing feature in Windows was it's Start menu. It was helpful and very easy to access. But in Windows 8 Microsoft ditched its formal Start Menu from that edition and people were very angry about that.
Microsoft listened to every complain and they are back with the newly designed Start menu. It's more amazing than it was in former editions of Windows.
The new start menu has more capabilities and can do much more than ever.
It has Windows search integration which is the most improved feature we can see in WIndows 10. You can add tiles of softwares and apps. You can access folders from there and you can customize its size and colors.

4-Great Search tool:

Search tool was very awful in former versions of Windows. In Windows 10 Microsoft added a great search tool integrated in the start menu. It can bring your search to a next level. When you search there it will show you your personal file related to that search and the it will show you results from the WIndows App Store and then there is an option to search the same keywords on the web. It's faster and improved than it was in former versions of Windows.
But search in the folder/drive section is still awful and slower.

5-Combined settings app:

Windows 10 settings apps is also very great. Almost all apps are present in the same settings application just like we have seen in iOS and Android OS. The settings apps is useful and all settings are easy to access now.

6-Virtual Desktops:

This is the most awaited feature of power users which are fan of Multitasking. Virtual Desktops allow you to do more work in an organized way and they have a separate tool in the taskbar too.

7-Microsoft Edge:

Internet Explorer was the most awful browser in the history. It was slower. Microsoft also fixed this problem in Windows 10. They came up with a brand new browser which they named Microsoft Edge and they have familiar logo design. It's faster, beautiful and it's more productive.
Microsoft is continuously improving its browser with new updates.

8-Windows Hello:

Windows Hello is also a unique feature of Windows 10. This feature makes WIndows 10 more secure than ever.
Devices with Fingerprint reader built in and have compatible camera hardware can use this feature. You can log in to your device with the camera recognition technology. It will improve itself more upon more usage.
But this feature is not available to all. Only devices which have compatible camera can have this feature.

9-Windows Continuum:

Windows Continuum is also another feature that is available to you only if you own a Windows 10 powered smartphone. Which are currently Microsoft's latest flagship devices. (Lumia 950 and 950XL and 2 others)

  • List of Windows 10 smartphones:

It allows you to control your smartphone as a PC. It can run apps and some selected softwares in a PC as a PC. It will also require some additional hardware too.

10-Windows 10 Universal Apps:

Another reason that Windows 10 is great is that this version of Windows now have support of universal apps which mean that all apps now available for every platform. Windows Store is now more productive. It has more apps. Microsoft is bringing all major developers to it's Windows App/Music/Movies Store. And they have a bright future.
One more thing...
Windows 10 is a free Upgrade for Windows 7,8 and 8.1 users.
After November update it's more awesome.

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Posted by Tech Notes on Thursday, 29 October 2015