New Video Showing Apple Campus 2 with a great Spaceship like design (4K Video)

Apple new campus 3 showed in a Drone Video and it's stunning even before it is completed

Steve Jobs had a dream about Apple which couldn't came to life in his life. He dreamed about an Apple Campus where many of it's employees can work together under a hood and it will be a clean energy project.

Well! Tim Cook is very determined about this dream. When Steve Jobs was alive he talked about that Campus in a local community about that campus that it will be completed in 2015 but it's still under construction and they gave a time limit of late 2016 for it's completion.
Steve Jobs has a great sense of design and he always wanted great design in his company's great products.

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Jony Ive, who is the design Head of Apple today said that he has great contribution in the design of this amazing building in Cupertino. He is also behind every Apple product's design. He is also working on new products with new designs. They hide all of their products under a cover when program host visited their lab.

Tim Cook told in "60 Minutes" a TV program that the project will be completed in late 2016 and he didn't told the actual price but he discussed estimated cost on this project and it's nearly $5 Billion. He also mentioned that this is Apple's biggest ever project and it's going to be beautiful.

This project also determined to make the whole building environment friendly which will use renewable energy.

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The campus will have a huge curved glass around it and can have 13,000 employees in it at a time.
Also it will have Solar Panels on the top. It's a 4 story spaceship building. After it's finished it will have many trees and plants to make it environment friendly.
He also replied about a question over privacy and security that they are two different things and there will be no trade for both.

The 4K resolution Drone Video is Following: