Microsoft is giving top 10 albums on Windows 10 Store for free for a Limited Time: Selena Gomez Fans cheers:

Get your copies of Top 10 Albums offer on Windows 10 Store: Selena Gomez fans cheers:

Windows 10 has been a great success for Microsoft. The company is improving its last Windows OS by giving updates to the customers. Now Microsoft is taking bold decisions on their products to come back and take over some other rivals. After the decline of Microsoft's products they are working hard to get their status back. Last week, Microsoft gave discounts on their Windows Store on almost every product and all products were available in only US $0.10. Microsoft showed generosity on its Windows 10 success. Windows 10 Lock screen clearly showed that Microsoft is giving this huge discount for a limited time on the success of Windows 10. This offer was only available for Windows 10 users.

Now Microsoft is again giving something to its users and this time its Top 10 albums on Windows Store from Top Artists. These Music albums are exclusively available for Mycroft’s Groove Music service/App which is only on Windows 10 Store and also available in selected regions on Google Play Store as an app. The app is a modern Music player which is very useful. As it can stream Music from your OneDrive to the Windows 10 app and Groove Music from Google Play Store anytime when you want. Just you need is a Microsoft account and an Internet service.

Top 10 Albums that are free today are for a limited time for only Grove Music app users on Windows 10.

Get Top 10 Albums Here:

Remember that this is a limited time offer and these albums will not be available after that. Microsoft has not mentioned any time limit or any expiry date.