Hurry up and Claim your 15GB storage of OneDrive back from Microsoft

Save your OneDrive Storage before Microsoft limit it to 5GB from 15GB/30GB


This year Microsoft announced various products and made an impression on its customers and others but they also made some heartbreaking decisions for their fans. One of them was limiting One Drive's Unlimited storage to 5GB from 15GB and 15GB from the camera roll. Microsoft apologizes for this step and let their fans keep their 15GB/30GB storage. Microsoft's OneDrive exec explained in a blog post that we are very sorry for our fans and loyal users for that but they can keep their storage with a solution made by Microsoft when the policy upgrade will happen in January 2015. Note that Microsoft will shut down unlimited and 15/30GB storage plans.
  • Unlimited --> Shutting Down
  • 1TB --> 200GB/100GB
  • 15GB Free --> 5GB
  • +15GB(Camera Roll) --> 5GB


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To keep your OneDrive Storage, you just have to visit this Microsoft site and accept their access to your OneDrive so that the app they made will not let their servers cut down your OneDrive storage.

For this visit Microsoft One drive Save Storage Link

What happened to Microsoft?

Well, Microsoft explained about their strategy of cloud services. They say that their users are misusing our cloud services. Unlimited plans are going to be shut down and 1TB storage is maintained but from 2015 they are going to limit it to 100GB or 200GB. Also, they said that users are involved in uploading pirated content like movies and songs to their unlimited storage. And that's one reason to shut down unlimited plans.
Note: This offer will let you sign up for spam emails from Microsoft about offers and other Microsoft stuff, but you are getting your storage back!
They also explained that Microsoft can earn Million of Dollars if only their 1% of users will become paid users. So that's the big reason they are moving to paid drive and shutting down unlimited plans in January 2015.
Microsoft announced this in a blog post after more than 60,000 users complained about their new strategy.

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