2015 in Review: Highlights from 2015: By Google: Most searched in 2015

Google showed 2015 in search

2015 is going to end and it's time when everyone is getting ready for New Year’s Eve. Everyone is preparing for New Year. People are planning for their new year's resolution. 
Google showed their most searched things in 2015.
In a blog post, Google named many things that was most searched in 2015.
Including Cecil the Lion, World Cup, Star Wars, Iran Nuclear Dealabout Refugees.
Post was added with a heading A Year in Search 2015.

Graph By Google:

The post shows every popular search from every single Month:

February 2015:

  • In February 2015 top searched thing include the famous Dress which is famous for its color. The color of the dress was separate for other people. This lead the search for this dress hump to 73 Million+
  • 87th Oscars 2015 was also top searched in February with 406 Million+ searches on Google.

March 2015:

From February to March 2015 11th ICC Cricket World Cup was the most searched topic on Google hosted by Australia and New Zealand with 323 Million+ searches.

April 2015:

  • April was disastrous as Nepal was shocked with massive earthquake. April's top search was Nepal's earthquake with over 85 Million searches.

  • 2nd most searched topic was FIFA in crisis with over 42 Million searches on Google.

June 2015:

June's top search was China crisis with over 12 Million searches. In June Shanghai's Stock Market falls 30% and shocked the whole businesses of the World.

July 2015:

  • Greece Economy with 35M+, Cecil the Lion with 32M+, Iran Nuclear Deal with 20M+ and Women's World Cup with 113M+ searches were the most searched topics on Google in July 2015.

August 2015:

Refugees Crisis was the most searched Human Tragedy in August 2015 with over 23M+ searches. A child's photo dead on the beach shocked the whole planet and migrants were then allowed to live in other countries.

September 2015:

Volkswagen scandal with 13M+ and Queen Elizabeth 2 milestone with over 100Msearches were the most searched topics in September.

October 2015:

Rugby World Cup and Water on Mars were the most searched topics in September.

Rugby World Cup: 246 Million+
Water On Mars: 10 Million+

November 2015:

The top searches list tops Paris Attacks with 897+Million searches on the internet in November 2015. 

December 2015:

Star Warswas the most searched topics on Google in 2015 with over 155 Million searches.
Happy New Year From Tech Notes :)

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