10 Strange/Innovative Smartphones of 2015

2015 has some great and weird announcements:

Here they are:
Yota Phone 2

Unusual Smartphones we have seen in 2015:

2015 was the year of amazing flagship smartphones as we have seen a couple of strange and great looking phones this year. If we say 2015 a year for Geeks or a year of the evolution of smartphone then it will not be wrong. Let's have a quick look on unusual smartphones of 2015:

1-Yota Phone 2:

Yota Phone is not the weirdest smartphone of 2015 but it has something that will let you think about possibilities in a smartphone. Yota Phone 2 is a “Two Face”/ Dual Screen smartphone. This phone has a 5” 1080p main Display panel and there is another display panel for Web Browsing, some games and EBook reading. The secondary display is an E-ink display which consumes less battery.

Yota Phone 2

2-LG v10:

LG V10 is another strange smartphone but when you look deeper into it, you will find it useful. This phone also has two screens but not like Yota Phone has. It has a secondary screen on the top of the display and has 2 front facing camera for a wider selfie. That sounds strange but the smaller screen is 1080*60 pixels and it is useful for notifications consuming way less battery power. It’s always on screen and you can control notifications settings and text you want to show up on it.

LG V10

3-Monohm Runcible:

This is the weirdest smartphone I have heard in recent years. This smartphone is not like all other smartphones. No, it doesn’t have 2 display panels, not 2 front facing cameras or something else. This Firefox OS powered smartphone has a circular display and has a rear camera. It also has interchangeable backs of wood and bamboos. It looks like a circular watch that was used hundred years ago.

Monohm Runcible


This smartphone has its own place in the category of weirdest/ unusual smartphones. This phone is G’s AKA and it has expressions on it.
They have names too. The black one is called "SOUL", white one is "WOOKY", the yellow one is "EGGY" and pink has the name "YOYO".
They are funny though but their moods are adorable.

5-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/ Edge+:

Now we reached on a name that is the most beautiful and historic smartphones. This is Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones of 2015. Actually, Samsung’s flagship of smartphones was Galaxy S6 but sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge made it a Flagship smartphones for Samsung and people loved this idea of dual edge display too much. It is the most beautiful and powerful smartphone of the World.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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6-BlackBerry Priv:

Blackberry was hardly surviving in the smartphone market and not leaving its BlackBerry OS. But this year something convinced BlackBerry to make a smartphone that is powered by Android OS instead of their BlackBerry OS. BlackBerry is famous for two reasons in the mobile phone world. The first reason is its mobile phone security systems and the other one is its QWERTY keypad in their smartphones. In this smartphone BlackBerry came up with both of its main features, security and QWERTY keyboards are the main features of this smartphone. It also has a dual curved display like we have seen in Samsung’s galaxy S6 edge but they are less curved than the S6 edge. The phone has 5.4” QHD touch screen Display and has a slider for QWERTY keypad as the main feature. It has latest specs as other Android Flagship smartphones of this year and its sales are impressive for BlackBerry too.

BlackBerry Priv

7-Motorola Droid Turbo 2/Moto X-Force:

This smartphone has got something that major OEM’s can’t achieve. Motorola is also a great company but there are several other OEMs that can’t make this happen. Their new smartphone after Motorola Moto X series is Moto X-Force/ Moto Droid Turbo 2 (the name depends upon region). This series is famous for its roughness and Motorola took it to a new level. Droid Turbo 2 has a Shatter Proof display which means that when your smartphone will fall its display will be saved. Motorola guaranteed for four years. This is huge and Motorola might be shipping this technology to other manufacturers.

Moto X-Force/ Droid Turbo 2

8-Sony Xperia Z5 Premium:

Xperia series always proved great for Sony. Since Xperia Z3 and Z3+ (aka Z4) Sony hasn’t made improvements and innovations in its series of Xperia smartphones. Now they made a huge jump and placed a new smartphone in their series which is known as Xperia Z5 Premium.

This phone has a whopping 4K LCD panel which no manufacturer considered in any other smartphone yet.
It is specially made for "James Bond" for the latest "Spectre" movie.

Xperia Z5 Premium

9-LG G Flex 2:

LG G Flex 2 is the successor of LG's G Flex. Former G Flex had a 6" FHD OLED but this one is smaller than it's predecessor. It has a 5.5" QHD Display and has a curved Display. It has a laser auto focus camera too. It also has a unique feature of the auto-healing back, which mean that if you got scratches on the back of the smartphone it will automatically heal.

LG G Flex 2

10-iPhone 6s/6s+:

iPhones are always innovative and delivered the best experience and great features. In iPhone 6s and 6s+ Apple added a great feature which is currently not so productive because there are less supported apps made for that feature. The feature that I am talking about is "3D Touch". This feature is a new category of touchscreen feature like we had "Multi-touch" in the first iPhone.
iPhone 6s

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