Install Firefox OS on your Android Smartphone

Get Firefox OS on your Android phone:

There are too many mobile OS available today but there are fewer who attained a lot of attention just like Android OS by Google.Inc and iOS from Apple.Inc.
Recently some companies like Microsoft started working to promote their OS which is called Windows Phone OS. They were working on there next version of Mobile OS called as Windows 10 Mobile. now some of their phones are running on this OS. There are other companies which are trying to make their place in the OS market where there are big Giant like Android from Google is the most used OS and it's Open source which mean that anyone can get it for their hardware with some policies. Apple's iOS is the second most used mobile OS in the world.

A year back Firefox showed their Firefox OS build in an effort to convince people to try their OS. But they never got success. It's also available for Android Os as a launcher but it will change status bar, and have separate apps like messaging browser and market to download apps. the OS is not polished enough like today's Android and iOS OS'. It looks like a baby software in front of both Android and iOS. It looks like OS' android and iOS were when they arrived in the market. But it's fun to try it on your smartphone. But it's available for only Android :)
Because Android OS is everything :D

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Try this OS from links given below:

Let's have a look:

Older version

Newer version: Get it here (Direct Download)

Official Site Link: Official page Here

Older version: Click Here

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