This Software for Windows will make your eyes cool and let you sleep better:

Sleep better with Flux:

Laptops and Personal Computer are too much used in the world. Every time every person is using a smart device. Too much usage of smart devices can cause problems of eyes as well. Brightness can effect eye sight and can cause issues. There are some Android an iPhone apps available on respective stores to make display of your respective smart device eye friendly.

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Posted by Tech Notes on Friday, 21 August 2015
For Windows one of the best software is F.LUX.
This software allows us to change the warmness of the display of our PC or Laptop running Windows OS. it's also available for MAC OS and Linux. The app have an iOS version available too. But unfortunately it's not available for Android till now.

Links to download the software is given below:

Click on above F.lux icon to go to Download Page.

For Apple Store Click: