Apple Logo History - Everything You Want to Know About Apple

Apple Logo History explained:

Apple was founded in Cupertino California, United States on April 1 1976.
The company was a partnership between three people named "Steve Jobs", "Steve Wozniak" and  Ronald Wayne.
The company was founded as a computer company.
Apple changed it's logo two times since it was founded.

Apple's 1st logo:

The first logo was designed by Ronald Wayne himself who later sold his company shares in $800 and it was the biggest mistake of the history.

Apple's 2nd Logo:

Steve Jobs hired a person to design a new logo which will be the best and most innovative logo in the tech industry. So he hired ROB Jenoff who designed the Rainbow Apple logo and it continued to remain Apple's logo until Steve was fired from Apple.

Apple's 3rd logo:

This is the last and current logo of Apple which was designed again looking on the last rainbow Apple logo. They thought that Apple was in trouble due to that rainbow logo. So they recreated it.
Now Apple logo is Black.


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