Google's Logos in History: which logo you like the most?

Google changed it's logo:

Logos are the representation of the companies and tech giants want their logos more unique and lovely. Google also changed it's logo time to time like Apple and other tech giants. After Alphabet.Inc company this is the major change in the company.
New Google Logo

Let's have a look on Google Logos:


GooglSep-Oct 1998:

GooglOct 1998-May 30 1999:

Googl31 May 1999-5 May 2010:

GooglMay 6 2010- Sept 18 2013:

Googl19 Sept 2013- 1 Sept 2015:

GooglNew and current Logo:

GIF of Google's Logo

The video below shows the History of GooglLogo:
Which GooglLogo you like the most?
Comment below your choice. BTW i like the latest one :)

    Video about History of Google Logo: