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Apple announced iPhone 6s and 6s Plus:

Apple announce new iPhones every Year on September 9

What's New?


This year new iPhones came with a more improvements than ever. With new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Apple enhanced it's cameras since iPhone 4. They bumped camera from 8 MP iSight camera to 12 MP iSight camera which came along with 4K video recording and that's huge. They also increased resolution of Front facing camera from 1.2MP Face Time HD camera to 5MP Face Time HD camera which also supports Front True tune Retina HD Flash. This is not a specific flash, actually it's Retina HD screen that flashes when we take a selfie.

New Features:

The camera improvements also have a tendency to capture Live photos which we have seen in HTC One smartphones that supports GIF with HTC ZOE.
The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus came with new feature which they call 3D Touch.
Since the first iPhone when Steve Jobs announced Multi Touch which is today's smartphone's must have feature is now called with some improved functionality and features and is called as 3D Touch. Apple made Force Touch built into their Mac Book 2015 and Apple Watch but now they replaced Force Touch with a new name and improvements and call it "3D Touch". This uses the screen and sensors that sense touch sensitivity and pressure to work. The feature is very impressive and functional, now developers have to think about this feature to use it as they want.

3D Touch:

iPhone 6s and 6s plus AD
Apple announced iPhone 6s and 6s plus Yesterday (9 September 2015). See whats new :)
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Key Apple iPhone 6s Specs:

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The iPhones of 2015 said to be very advanced phones but in fact the technology offered by these smartphones is already in other smartphones like Black Berry and some other Android Phones. Apple really done a great job in 3D touch. They said that it took Multi Multi Multi years to Perfect 3D Touch Technology. That's why people love Apple, they bring things after perfection. And they are beautiful :)