How to install Android OS on PC (Easiest way)

Install full Android OS on your PC or Laptop easy and simple: Android Lollipop: Android KitKat: Android Marshmallow:

To make this happen you will need:

  1. Formatted USB of 4GB or Higher (depends upon Android version)
  2. A PC or a laptop that should meet the requirements of Installation
  3. An Internet connection to download files
  4. And this blog to help you out :)

Make sure that your USB's data is saved because it's going to Format

Now download .iso format files from the link given below:
Always choose the latest and bug-free iso files.

Now you have to download the USB Installer tool
Which you can get from the post below:

Download Universal USB Installer

Now follow the link to make your USB bootable to install or run Android:

How to make a Bootable USB

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Now after successfully making your USB bootable insert USB in PC and restart your PC or Laptop

After restarting your PC, you will see following screens.
Follow these screens step by step to Install or Run an OS.
Personally, I would recommend you to not install OS.

Simply run it directly from USB. This is because after installation both OS' (Android and Windows) will run on your Computer or laptop and after a short time it will make your device slower and then you have to reinstall windows to remove Android.

You can see the first option in Step 1 to run Android with USB. This option will not Install Android on your PC. You can run android any time on your device.
Step 1
Now wisely choose the Installation place.

You can Install on any drive but it is recommended that if you want to remove OS after Installation chooses an Empty disk. Don't install on C where windows are installed. 
Step 2
Now, this time, choose Yes in Step 3
This is because GRUB allows you to boot any OS by prompting you to choose which OS you want to run.
Step 3
Now choose how many storage you want to give to Android
This is like giving internal storage to android. If you want to install too many apps then choose more internal storage. 2GB is the maximum option in this.
Step 4
 Here is the picture where you would choose storage.
Step 5
 Congratulations Android OS is installed.


Now choose which you want to do either you want to reboot or run android. A reboot will prompt you to choose between Windows and Android.
Step 6

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  1. There might be bugs in Android versions. So choose latest iso files
  2. All android apps will not be available to run. e.g those apps that use portrait screens.
It is like Android running on a tablet.
These versions of android are already rooted and you can customize them on PC too.
What you can do more?
  • Install Xposed Installer on your Android OS
  • Install Gravity box
  • You can install and run any Root app on this OS and you can customize it too.
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