Breaking: Historic : Google is now Alphabet

Google is now part of

CEO Larry Page announced a new company named Alphabet

After many years of innovation Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to build a new company named Alphabet. The purpose of making this company is to bring all initiatives like Youtube, Google Maps and all other Google products (Google also) under one page. Google is now officially a part of Alphabet. Google is no longer a bigger company. The main company is Alphabet. Under the hood all of the companies owned by Google will work like YouTube, Google Glass, Android, Maps, Xlabs, Loon and other projects that was running under Google. Alphabet is a massive overhaul of it's business. It's owned by same persons behind Google.
Alphabet can be explained by image below:

So now Google is not a Tech Giant anymore.
It's Alphabet that is new company and Google is a part of it Now :)

New C.E.O of Google is Sundar Pichai

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