Muslimface a Facebook and Twitter alternative launched

Muslimface launched:

Muslimface is an alternative to the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and others. But this is specifically built for Muslims. In this community you can do a lot more things. Some of the Key features of this Community is following:

1-Know your Prayer Time:

This platform lets you remember your prayer time if you are on social media. Now there will be no fear of forgetting prayers five times a day. This platform will let you set reminders for your prayers manually and automatically. With your location you can set it to automatic.


2-Get the message of Holy Quran:

This is also an awesome feature of Muslimface community as it will send you Holly Quran Message. By just searching the Hadis or Quote by typing "##" and then the word e.g ##Allah will tell you Hadis or verses related to that topic or word.

3-Find Friends from Mahram list:
with this feature you can add people of your age and Mahrams. It lets you select which people you want to be friends.

4-Find your partner:
With this feature you can find a partner for you and can make a conversational group of parents and you to talk to each other. And if both parties are satisfied, then they can move on.

To Join Muslimface you can head up to this link:

                               Click here to join Muslimface