Coolest Techs explained from Google at I/O 2015 Developer's conference

                                  Google I/O 2015
      Android M announced in this conference

Last month (May 2015) Google held developer's conference Google I/O and shown some of  the best inventions and projects that are going on in Google. Following are some great projects that Google shown off in the conference that are under working and some are going to complete:

1-Project Vault:
                           This project is detailed by Google's ATAP(Advanced Technology and Project). Project vault is an innovative and also ridiculous idea from Google. This project aims to bring security to your device with the help of Micro SD cards. But the micro SD's are not going to be the ordinary. They are special SD cards that would have their own OS installed on them and also they will have an NFC chip on them. They will also automatically secure files when they will be used in your smartphone. They will also have a Microprocessor. These SD cards will be called Smart because they are not "Dumber" like others.

Project vault announcement (courtesy Mashable)

2-Project Abacus:
                            This project is also brought by Google's ATAP Team. This project aims to kill passwords. It's a new take on improving security of devices and online services.
Main features are:
1- Finger Scanner support for Android
2-Smart lock Passwords manager is now available in new Google play services update
3-Checks whether person using the phone is the owner of the phone.
4-Use of facial recognition techniques
5- Voice detection of the owner
6-Behavioural data (Learn about your activities on device)
7-Secure your device if it detects any other person is using it.

3-Project Soli:

This is one of the best and innovative projects Google shared. This project is also  brought by Google's ATAP Team. This project aims to make Human gesture energy into recognizable gestures. These are smaller chips that are powerful and also responsive. Can understand natural gestures.
Youtube video of Project Soli

Project Soli working
Project Soli chip

4-Project Jacquard:

                                  This project is actually the second most innovative one after project soli. It aims to weave technology into your clothes. Project Jacquard is collaboration of Google with Levi's company. They together are making clothes that are smart enough to control your devices by using a woven touch pads inside the clothes. Google wants to turn your clothes into touchpad.
Project Jacquard Official

5-Project Jump:
                         Google's project jump is a collaboration with GoPro. A company that is famous for making actions cams.
This project aims to capture VR videos with 16 Hero4 cameras made by GoPro. Also aims to bring that videos experience to Youtube.
Project Jump Official

6-Project Tango:
                          This was the project Google shared last year but this was under development. It actually a tablet named Tango that can capture 3D around you and also you can experience Virtual Reality with this. This is actually for Inside Navigation and 3D maps building. This is really cool.
Project Tango Official

7-New Google Cardboard:
                                          Google also announced new cardboard version of Google cardboard. It is actually now bigger and better and supports up to 6'' smartphones like Nexus 6. Follow official link for more:

Google Cardboard Official
8-Google Photos Service:
                                          Now this is also one of the great announcements. google made Photos app separate from Google+ and made it unlimited free for High quality Photos. The original sized photos will be counted in storage but High quality uploads will be counted in Unlimited storage.

Google Photos