How to make a Bootable USB to install any OS: See method Here:

Make Bootable USB and install any Operating System:

CD's and DVD's are gone now. This is an era of Smart things like USB, Cloud storage, and The Internet.
In order to install an OS download the software from below link. You can use both USB bootable makers, but for installing Windows 10 i recommend to use Rufus USB installer.

Download Universal Bootable USB maker

Download Rufus Bootable USB maker


In order to make your USB Bootable to install any Operating system on it such as Linux, Android, Windows, Ubuntu or any other OS with your USB you have to save your data if it is on USB. Because making a bootable USB needs to format the Flash storage/USB. First save your data.

Now after downloading software from the link above insert a USB/Flash drive with your PC/Laptop. Make sure you have downloaded desired OS files you want to install should be present on your PC/Laptop. Now run the Software, actually, there is no need to install the software it will run when you double tap the downloaded application. Now locate the downloaded files of OS on the hard drive. Choose what is your OS type, mean which OS you want to install either it is Android or it is Windows or Linux. Now start the process and it will tell you to store your data because Flash drive has to be formatted. Now start the process. It will take some time to complete. Sit and relax until the process is complete. Now there will be a message of completion. Your USB is ready now to install new OS on your PC. You can now install any OS with that method. :)