With increase in value of Smart wearables and advancements in Technology a company named MOTA announced to produce a Smart Ring.
With promises like notification support, all-day battery life, and the smallest form factor yet for a wearable smartphone accessory. The MOTA Smart Ring was poised to be the runaway hit of the show for us, at least in wearables – assuming the promised working prototype was available for filming.
Sadly, not only was the prototype not ready for filming; it wasn’t even ready for showing. What we got instead were a duo of glossy resin mockups with no internals and fake displays – not to mention casings which were flatter and far less symmetrical than the sleek render pictured above. MOTA’s website still promises a June delivery date for its $99 pre-orders, so we have to assume working review models will start hitting the scene soon … but after the double-disappointment of CES 2015, wait for a working model to hit our finger before start getting excited again.
(MOTA Smart Ring)