Jide Remix Ultra hybrid tablet, a Microsoft Surface pro clone running Android

Jide Remix Ultra is a Surface pro clone but with Android:

Jide Technology explained, the Remix Ultra is the world’s “First True Ultra Tablet” (whatever that means). It sports an 11.6-inch Full HD IPS touchscreen with extendable kickstand, Magnetically-attached keyboard with traditional PC shortcuts, an OTG USB stick in the box and a special version of Android 4.4 running on a Tegra processor. The Android OS they are using looks like android on PC/Laptops via Project Android x86. But it is actually cool. It's somehow looks like a redefined version of chrome OS people have been waiting for.
About half of that reminds us of the Surface, and the other half is painted to look like the Surface – including the custom Android skin laid out like Windows.
Ordinarily we’d just have snickered, shaken our heads and walked off … but the Remix Ultra actually looked pretty good. Picking it up, we found it also felt pretty good. And for a base price of $349 (a good $450 cheaper than even the base Surface Pro 3 model), this thing caught our attention enough to promise we’d be back. And then of course we weren’t. But we’ll ask for a review device to see just how sad we should be about missing the opportunity to introduce this sucker to the world.
Jide remix Ultra Tablet at CES